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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Busy busy busy, chilly chilly chilly

It's not even technically winter yet, but boy is it COLD! I won't even look at the forecast any more, but last I heard, we'll be lucky to hit 20 tomorrow and will barely stay above 0 overnight. Brr!

I don't know what happened to Monday and Tuesday, but it's Wednesday already. Maggie brought a letter she wrote to Santa home from school today. The teacher laminated it and put it in a card thing, it looks adorable. Her letter reads,

Dear Santa,

I hopeyoubri
ngmelotsof persen


Right to the point, that's my girl!

She did a great job with the lowercase letters, though. With the exception of her name, the entire letter uses capital and lowercase letters properly. Go Maggie!

She also dropped this gem on me this evening.

"You know what rhymes with baby?" she asked.

"No," I lied. Because I immediately thought of "maybe," but I wanted to see what she had come up with. Never lie.


Classy Margarete.

At least we still have Nina, our shining star. She spent a half an hour this morning learning to program. I'm not kidding! I downloaded two apps this afternoon during my training that help little kids learn to code--Daisy the Dinosaur and Hopscotch. She's amazing at it!

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