about a dream: Lots of SNOW!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Lots of SNOW!

Oh my goodness, we got about another foot on top of the 10 inches already on the ground! Wowzers! It all fell in about 5 hours, too. Quite a sight!

Is that a car? Or an igloo?? I CAN'T TELL!

But the snow is just so darn pretty...

Moxie was under there, sniffing around at that branch. Good thing all that snow didn't dump on him!

Oops, forgot to put away the "patio" furniture this year.

I woke up this morning at about 5 am and the power was out. The sound of the power going out was probably what woke me up, mom says it cut out at just after 5. Then at about 5:20 I got the alert that school has a two hour delay this morning, then the girls had to go to the bathroom, and everyone was so excited about the delay that no one could go back to sleep. That's the ironic thing about school being cancelled or a late start; you think you can sleep in later, but really everyone is so excited about the snow and delay/cancellation that you end up waking up even earlier. Unfair.

But with no power, the morning was quite an adventure! We lit some candles, and I put some water up to boil. How, you ask? I don't have a gas stove... with the sterno and fondue pot! I'm just so darn resourceful. With the hot water, I was able to make coffee and warm oatmeal. Yum!

Then the girls wanted a family meeting. See, the last time the power went out, Erik and Isabelle were over, and we ended up sitting in the living room and talking, and the girls just loved that. So they hopped on the couch under a blanket, and Maggie said,

"Two rats got stuck inside a burrito. One did nothing and died, and the other ate his way out and lived. Which rat are you?"

Ha! When Erik and Isabelle were here, we opened the family meeting like Erik and his group do at work--by telling these inspirational/thought provoking anecdotes. I had totally forgotten about that part, but Maggie didn't!

After coffee and oatmeal, the power came back on. Now Maggie's watching TV and Nick and Nina just got back inside from shoveling and playing. And we still have another hour before we have to leave for school! Man the morning is long when you're up 4 1/2 hours before you have to be at work!


Vanessa said...

Well, we have a forecast high of 57 degrees today-- I can't say I'd rather be dealing with all of that snow!

Oma said...

... and three guesses what kind of weather we have in Baden!

des said...

57! I'm jealous! We FINALLY got out of that frigid air (highs in the single digits, overnight lows below zero. The instantly freeze your boogers hurts to breathe kind of weather). Today was in the high 20s and it felt like spring!

Anne, I'm guessing it's cloudy!!

Oma said...

Bingo! Not only cloudy but yes, believe it or not: FOGGY!!!