about a dream: Lots of catching up to do... First, an update on that hair!

Friday, December 27, 2013

Lots of catching up to do... First, an update on that hair!

The only way to deal with those tangles was a nice hot bath, shampoo, and deep conditioning. Then brushing, brushing, brushing. Finally though, both heads of hair (which are each nearly waist-long) were shiny and tangle free.

To keep them that way, we've started braiding. Behold, the hairstyles for Christmas Eve mass:

This is the back of Maggie's head

And this is the back of Nina's. They both looked pretty much the same as usual from the front.
The cute hairstyles were well timed, because usually they go to church with unbrushed hair. And on Christmas Eve, the priest asked them to carry the baby Jesus for the nativity up to the altar at the beginning of mass so he could bless them. They did a great job, too! Nina held the little ceramic figure perfectly, and Maggie managed to behave herself. She beamed, waved to people, gave me a thumbs up, and then started to get a little antsy, but the blessing was quick, and then the girls put Jesus in the stable.

After mass we hung out with mom and dad at our house for a while, then sent the girls to bed so we could wrap, wrap, wrap. Embarrassing, but all of the wrapping around here always gets postponed until Christmas eve, then takes longer than I think it will, and before you know it I'm up until midnight. At least I got to see the end of It's a Wonderful Life!

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Oma said...

The braids are beautiful!