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Friday, November 23, 2012

Just an ordinary week...

This was the girls' first five-day week of school in over a month. I can't be more precise than that because I honestly can't remember the last time they had a 5 day week.

Well, we survived! Nina had her swim class again, it had been at least 5 weeks since she did that, and she says it went well. Whew! It was starting to become something of a source of stress for her because they try to get the kids to jump into the water and otherwise risk facial splashing, which is still a big thing for Nina. But parent-teacher conferences were on Thursday, and I had Nick meet with her swim teacher to talk about her water of the face/head thing, and hopefully she'll feel less stress from here on out. Basically, the teacher told Nick to explain to Nina that she never has to do anything--if she gives the class an instruction to hop into the pool, Nina is always free to get in however she wants. So Nina knows now that the teacher doesn't have to give her specific permission to slide in slowly, that's always a given. She's a good kid who always wants to do what her teacher says, so not being able to follow those instructions was stressful.

Maggie had a good week overall. A few tears here and there--one day a kid knocked over something that she was building, and she was crying when I got there. It's all part of what she's learning at preschool though, how to handle it when other kids knock her stuff over. Her teacher is so good with her; first she tried to help her rebuild, but Maggie was having none of that, so she just gave her her space and told her, "It's ok, it's not such a big deal." It was good I got there when I did, though, Maggie was not pulling it together on her own and needed to get away from the horrible reminder of the disaster. Hopefully she'll learn how to handle this stuff better with a little more time.

Finally, Anne had her surgery this morning. She called around 3 and said it was a success! She could be home as soon as Wednesday, cross your fingers for an easy recovery for her!

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