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Monday, November 12, 2012

Cruise Blogging: Ancona

On Sunday morning we arrived at the Italian port city of Ancona. We stuffed ourselves with a breakfast of pastries, eggs, bacon, yogurt, musli, coffee and juice before disembarking to explore the city. Unfortunately, by the time we got off the boat, Nina was starving. (This pattern was going to repeat itself every day for the next week. Nick and I were not surprised). So, the first thing we did was buy some delicious Italian pastries on shore. Wow, they were yummy!

That powdered sugar nose is just too cute!

First, we walked along the coast to an arch built in 115 AD in honour of someone named Trajan. Almost 2,000 years old! Holy moly! It still looked pretty good, too!

There were some old walls we walked along, and then we headed up the hill to the cathedral church of Saint Ciriaco. Built in the 1100s (but perhaps on the site of a church built in the 7th century), it's done in the Romanesque style.

Here's a picture I got of the ceiling, which is interesting because it's painted in the old medieval style. You don't see that very often.

After the church we walked back down into the center of town, saw a few more churches and narrow streets, and then got back on the boat in time for a late lunch.

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