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Monday, November 19, 2012

Cruise Blogging: Split

Our last destination was Split, Croatia. Again, so very beautiful.

The center of town is really an ancient palace, built by an emperor named Diocletian as a retirement fortress. It's several square blocks in size, and contained quite a few buildings, a church, and stuff like that. It dates from the Roman times, and you can tell!
Nina and I decided to climb the church bell tower.
Scary!! The steps were very steep and very narrow until you got inside the open part of the tower, where the stone was replaced by some fairly new metal steps:
This is looking up at the metal steps.
Here's Nina's beautiful smile. You can just see the town there through the window.

We didn't get all the way up. One poor Italian or Croatian grandma saw me heading up with Nina and made universal worried grandma face and sound. When I saw those big open windows, I knew what she was talking about. There was just the thin metal rail blocking these huge openings, and it just didn't feel safe. So Nina and I went up a flight or two, got a nice view of the city, and headed back down. My motherly instincts just won't let me take the kids up these terrifying places.

Then we saw some more of the city, had a snack, and headed back to the boat. We were just exhausted! One night, poor little Maggie was so tired that she fell asleep right there at the dinner table! It was adorable. It reminded me of the way she fell asleep eating her dinner on the flight over here. I held her on my lap through dinner, and she didn't even wake up with the loud Italian music started up. Poor kid was just totally knocked out!

Then the next day we drove home from Trieste. It was a wonderful vacation!!

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