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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

zyxwvut.... (edit)

nina has 2 very cute tricks she's taught herself: she sings the alphabet backwards and she recites the list of 50 sight words her class is supposed to know by the end of the year (oops, forgot the funniest part! she recites the list in about 5 seconds. it's so fast i thought she was just babbling the first time, then i recognized a few words from her list and figured out what she was saying). very funny, but also makes me worry that she is way too bored at school. probably not though, since it probably took all of 5 minutes to memorize both things. as always, i will try to get a video up for you. maybe tonight...

not much else going on here besides ungodly cold and lots of snow. it sure looks pretty falling out there, all fluffy big flakes. and it's toasty warm in here (too warm for clothes according to some 2 year olds i've polled!). but still, we're dreaming of warmer weather (maggie especially. she really misses the beach, the swimming pool, and the sunshine!). also still dreaming about this year's garden. can't wait to start!!!

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