about a dream: yesterday was another snow day!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

yesterday was another snow day!

what a winter! we got about 8 inches of snow on friday, on top of the who knows how many inches that were already on the ground (10?). there's a lot of snow out there!

nina had no school, which was great fun. we got to play outside and had tons of fun, even though it was snowing quite heavily. we probably accumulated 2 inches on our heads out there for an hour! haha!

now the cold sets in... ick! it's supposed to be in the teens tomorrow, single digits on monday, back into the teens on tuesday, then finally over 20 on wednesday, with more snow possible then. what a winter! overnight lows will be well below zero. i'll update, of course!

oh well, we're ready for it. we hung up the swings in the basement, so the girls can have an indoor playground. they need an outlet for all that energy. we also have a little slide and their bikes, trikes, and other wheeled toys down there. it's not a bad place to play!

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