about a dream: margarete of boothbay III

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

margarete of boothbay III

this one happened last week or so, but i didn't get around to writing about it.

maggie was playing with her dolls in the dining room and then walked into the kitchen where i was and said, "i'm god!"

"no hun," i said, "you're not god. only god is god."

"no," she said, "i'm god to my toys."

some kids pretend to be mommy to their dolls, mine is god. then she started telling me something about what the toys were doing and how she was being god to them, but for some reason i wasn't paying attention.

well, she hasn't talked about what god wants her to do in a week or so, so maybe that's the last of it. such a funny kid though!

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Erik said...

She should become a doctor.