about a dream: nina is a popular girl

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

nina is a popular girl

on monday i went to lunch with nina, and gabe B asked nina if he could hold her hand on the walk back to nap. then tyler asked, and then grace. it started to look like it might get ugly, but nina said she would eeny-meeny-miney-mo it. tyler and gabe stood straight and tall while she's sang her little rhyme, it was sooo cute. when she landed on gabe, he had the biggest grin.

what the heck though! i'll tell you, no one was ever fighting to hold my hand. much less 3 at once!!

back to school post-vacation has been a little rough. some tears this morning, and i picked her up after lunch. the only thing they do after lunch is rest, snack, special, and math, and she doesn't like the math they do at school. she called it "baby math." so i emailed her teacher today to see if we can figure out something a little more appropriate for nina. we'll see. i'll update of course!


Vanessa said...

That is too cute! So there are two gabes in her class?

des said...

yeah, one just moved from NJ, the other is a barter, i have to find out who his parents are, i'm sure we know them.
she was much better about going to school this morning and happy about being there yesterday. whew!