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Sunday, January 16, 2011

lots of sledding

since our last snowfall, we've done lots of sledding. it was perfect snow for sledding too... it was pretty wet when it fell, but it's frozen into a light but icy powder. you can't pack it into a snowball, and it just brushes off of you, but it's still about 6 inches deep. the hill by the school is packed solid of course, so it's really fast.

we went on friday right after school and the girls had a blast. maggie usually goes down on my lap (or lying on my back if i'm on my stomach), and one time we hit a bump and flipped. maggie went flying! she literally did a flip in the air, and i semi-caught her, but she semi-landed on her back. luckily we were in the powder so it was soft landing. she loved it! she squealed with delight and wanted to do it again right away! such a thrill seeker.

nina is a big girl of course and mostly sleds down on her own. she will sometimes hitch up with me and make a train, or share a sled with me, but mostly she goes solo.

today nick came with us, and even grandma and grandpa came! it was a perfect day, probably just about 30 degrees but felt much warmer (when the wind wasn't blowing!) because we had a nice warm sun. ahh, winter is not so bad on days like this!

tomorrow is no school, so hopefully we'll get out for some ice skating. it'll be nice to sleep in instead of having to get up at 6:30!

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