about a dream: how does it get to be saturday so fast?!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

how does it get to be saturday so fast?!

well, the rest of the week was very good. went to a playgroup with maggie on thursday, skating after school on wednesday, and dinner with friends on friday. a busy week!

nina's doing a great job with skating! we're going to go again today, this time nick will come so that someone can take care of maggie when she gets bored skating. she lasts about half an hour, then she's done. on wednesday i let her sit in the front seat of the car (no keys, of course) while i got nina's skates off when she was done. when i got back to the car, maggie had shoved THREE cd's into the cd player. our new car!! i was able to partly pull them out, but then i heard a crack and decided to leave the rest to nick. i didn't want to get any more blame for the mess than was already heading my way.

fortunately, they came right out when nick gave a tug. whew! cd player still works like new. lesson learned about letting maggie sit in the car!

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