about a dream: maggie of boothbay?

Sunday, January 2, 2011

maggie of boothbay?

this weekend we were in the car, and from the backseat, maggie tells me that she doesn't have to wash her hands after she goes to the bathroom any more. because god told her she doesn't have to.

she's TWO AND A HALF!!! trumped by god. i think i see catholic school in her future, the nuns will straighten her out in no time.

the next day in the bathroom she went to the toilet, rubbed her hands on it, said "god told me!" and ran away. what a handful!!

the thing that had me worried though was the news tonight. they showed a building collapsing during this raging fire, and maggie was watching. she was sitting on my lap and i heard her quietly say, "that looks like fun." i wasn't sure i heard her right, so i asked her to repeat herself. "i said it looks like fun," she said again.

eek!! good thing we don't have matches in the house. this child has given me so much gray hair!

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Vanessa said...

yikes! Oh my. You should ask her if God tells her anything else...