about a dream: have i ever talked about how i think nina is psychic?

Monday, March 30, 2009

have i ever talked about how i think nina is psychic?

sometimes, i'll be washing dishes thinking about something or other, and nina will start talking about the very thing i was thinking about. one time recently i had run into a friend (heather) on the way to pick up nina from school, and she said she'd be going to the playground with the kids after school. i was thinking about this as we were approaching the playground (but not yet in sight of it), when nina said "maybe heather will be at the playground." what the heck! it's not like we see heather at the playground often at all... totally out of the blue. anyway, it happens enough that i noticed, and started to try to figure out if she really is psychic. then i thought hey, maybe i'm reading her thoughts! then i realized that if i were the psychic one, i'd notice this phenomenon with other people too. and with the exception of knowing what erik got isabelle for christmas in 07, i've never read anyone's mind. so, it must be nina.

which brings me to an interesting article i read on yahoo today: Romney's Work Puts Him in 2012 Political Spotlight. remember the time we drove by the white house, and nina said mitt romney lived there? it all makes sense now....

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