about a dream: preschool playdate

Saturday, March 7, 2009

preschool playdate

on friday, nick joined nina at school for a playdate. how fun! only one of us could go, and no little sisters, so nina picked papa so i could stay home with maggie in case she needed to nurse. what a sweetie!

nick will be by later to tell you highlights of their day, but one very cute treat we got was a little story nina told the teachers about each of us. i'll transcribe them for you all because they are SO cute.

the nick:

his name is papa.
he's married to mama. actually, mama is married to papa.
daddy works at home on the computer.
his favorite books are german books. he speaks german.
he watches basketball and baseball and football on TV. he claps for his shows.
his favorite songs are ABCs and twinkle, twinkle.
watching television makes him happy. nothing makes him sad.
maggie and nina are his friends.
he teaches me how to write a "b."
he tucks me into bed.
he likes oranges, apples, and strawberries. and cantaloupe. and watermelon.
he plays with me in the morning. we play chasing each other outside. we run and hide. daddy hides behind the slide. in the afternoon, we play ball. we play catch. you throw a ball back and forth.
i like to draw with daddy.
i love him a lot.

and the mama one:
mommy's name is desiree.
she's 40.
she has nina and maggie.
mommy lives in new york. papa and nina and maggie live with mommy.
at home mommy cleans. she cleans everything like toys and balls. she cleans the table.
mommy drives a white car. she drives to the store and to school and to the movie theater.
she likes to eat bananas and apples. she likes to drink water.
mommy watches baseball on TV.
i like to drink with mommy. she drinks water and i drink juice.
me and mama make pictures with markers.
mommy takes me to maine on vacation. mommy reads the newspaper and she watches TV in maine.
i love my mommy a whole bunch.

she drew a picture of each of us to go with the descriptions. we love them!


Oma said...

So precious!!! I like Papa's favorite songs and Mama's age the best!

JS said...

Such sophisticated thoughts from little Nina!

Particularly details about Nick clapping for the television, and nothing making him sad.

I think we have another writer in our family!