about a dream: our trip to fort tilden

Monday, March 16, 2009

our trip to fort tilden

it was supposed to be 55 degrees yesterday (it wasn't), so we decided to charge ahead into spring. here are our pictures from fort tilden in rockaway. we went with nina's friend jack and his family. the kids had a blast digging in the sand.

this picture of maggie walking with nick reminds me of a similar pic we have of nina and nick walking at ocean city, NJ.

me and margarete. in the background you can see nina and jack sitting on a piece of driftwood and mr. caralis (dennis).

the initial plan was to also explore the fort aspect of fort tilden, but the kids were enjoying the beach so much that we just hung out there. it was great--almost totally deserted and very clean. cool, but not too cold. i think we stayed for about an hour.

back at the driftwood.

i think we'll have to go back when it's warmer!

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