about a dream: 10.5 inches of snow!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

10.5 inches of snow!

i didn't realize we had gotten so much! unfortunately, there will be no pictures of the girls romping in it because it's FREEZING out. i took nina out to play yesterday while maggie was napping and i almost got frostbite. she was toasty warm though.

also a quick update on the apartment sale: we are still negotiating with our potential buyer. he is, i believe, looking into how much the updates he wants to do will cost, before we settle on a price. hopefully this is just a matter of reaching a price. however, there's still the chance that the very tight restrictions on renovations (need a licensed contractor so you can't do them yourself, can't borrow to do them unless you've paid off 75% of your mortgage) deter him. since we live in a co-op, the board is pretty much free to write up all of these rules. however, sara davidson says that if it looks like we might lose the sale over this, to talk to a lawyer about whether we could throw in extras like we pay the closing costs as incentives. this would free up extra cash for the guy, and perhaps help us seal the deal. so, we'll pull these guns out if we need to. keep your fingers crossed! i am SO done with straightening up for the open houses!

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