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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

story hour at the library

we went to story hour at the library today, for something to do in the morning. lots of kids were there; rain, moon, august, diamond... anything really goes these days name-wise. i guess it's always been like that though. people used to name their kids grover or orson or what have you. perhaps if we have a third we'll have to get more creative with the name. brock if it's a boy, storm for a girl. ha!

so, i made quesadillas for dinner tonight. yum! nina is always very enthusiastic when i make a dinner she likes, and tonight she told me that she really liked my "tasty ideas." (she pronounced idea to rhyme with quesadilla. it was too cute).

maggie has found a less cute way of communicating lately. when there's something she wants she points at it and whines/grunts. kind of a "uhhnnn uhnnn" sound.

finally, nina had her hearing tested today. apparently she hears just fine, which means she really is just ignoring us half the time. i was reminding her about the test this morning (i had told her yesterday that they were going to do a hearing test, and maybe put headphones on her, and she'd hear a beep and maybe raise her hand). she said "yeah, and they're gonna put an ear infection in my ear." how do you get from headphones to ear infection? she didn't have to raise her hand when she heard a tone by the way, she put a block into a bucket. seems unnecessarily complicated, doesn't it? mrs. rickert thought so too.

OH!!!! and we got her school pictures back! check your mailboxes soon for the amazing cuteness!

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JS said...

I would love a school photo! I don't know if you have my address:

312 West 90th
c/o Pouchot
New York, NY 10024