about a dream: nina is so good at writing!

Friday, March 27, 2009

nina is so good at writing!

the kids made vegetable soup at school this week and ate it for lunch on thursday. (they all brought in sandwiches too and had dessert. nina was really excited to be a "lunch kid" for a day). so, they also made these little crafts--paper basket cutouts with pictures of vegetables glued to them. i didn't notice right away, but this morning i saw a word nina had written on the back of the basket.

i couldn't figure out what she had tried to write, so i asked her. "maggie!" she said. she mixes up the order of letters sometimes, so i was thrown of because she wrote amggie instead of maggie. and because the first g kinda looks like a p, and the second g like a balloon... but lowercase g's are hard to write! so, i thought this was pretty fantastic! it's not like anyone had written it down for her to copy either. go nina!

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