about a dream: april fools!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

april fools!

i told nina about april fools day this morning. i told her that people play jokes on each other today, and asked if she wanted to play one on papa. she said sure (a little reluctantly, she's very sensitive to people's feelings and was skeptical about the idea of april fools day). i told her we could tell papa that there was an elephant in the street that must have escaped from the zoo. and when he got up to look, we'd say "april fools!"
she liked the idea but she had to go to the bathroom first. she couldn't wait for the gag, she callled out from the bathroom "papa, look out the window, there's a tiger outside! there really is!" and nick, the good sport, gets up to look and says "hey, there's no tiger!" nina, a bit confused as to who's supposed to say april fools, smiles and tells nick he's supposed to say april fools now. so cute! so for the rest of the morning, nina kept telling nick to look out the window and see what have you, and he would, and then say april fools.

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