about a dream: is it wednesday already??

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

is it wednesday already??

how does this happen? i could have sworn yesterday was sunday and today was monday, maybe tuesday. but it's wednesday! i think it's the heat. we hit 90 yesterday, i think 90 on saturday, and high 80s on sunday and monday. ridiculous. it's not even may! we are all out of sorts here from the heat. thankfully, today it's a cool 61, perfect.

the weather has been the big news here lately because not much else is going on. our open house on sunday attracted 5 potential buyers, so that's good. no offers yet, but at least we've got people coming through. hopefully only a matter of time!

no signs of swine flu either, though we all do have allergies.

so, like i said, not much going on! i will try to download some pictures from the camera soon, but right now i'm pooped from a trip to the grocery store.

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