about a dream: ladies and gentlemen!

Thursday, April 30, 2009

ladies and gentlemen!

for the past few days nina's been standing on the beds saying "ladies and gennemen! mans and gennemen!" and then dancing. it's too cute. it's so cute that i just can't bring myself to explain that "gennemen" is really supposed to be "gentlemen," so there's no need to continue with "mans and gennemen" and that furthermore, mans is grammatically incorrect. i don't correct her grammar anyway, they say it's not necessary and only makes kids feel self-conscious.

interesting aside about grammar, nina says "so as" instead of "like." as in, she'll say "i have the same dinner so as you." this is a literal english translation of the way comparisons can be made in german. nick might say "ich schaue aus so wie du," or "i look like you." that "so wie" literally translates to "so as." nina's translation is literally correct, which is neat. i've heard that kids who learn 2 languages make these kinds of mistakes but sort things out eventually. at least this is proof that she has retained at least some german!


Vanessa said...

Did you ask Nick for an example of "so wie" in a sentence, or did you make it up yourself?
Can't wait to see you all in a week!

nick and des said...

i had to ask nick. my german comprehension is actually pretty good but my speaking is terrible. i am giving up on getting nick to speak to me in german and thinking maybe frau teaches adult ed german back in boothbay.