about a dream: the girls were up late last night

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

the girls were up late last night

nina fell asleep on the couch at 5 and slept until 7. so of course, she was up until 10:15. and don't you know, if nina's up, maggie's sure as heck not going to sleep... so both girls are running around all night, maggie so deliriously tired that she's wobbling around, about to fall and clock her beautiful little head on whatever surface is nearby, while nick and i tried to corral the madness and even clean up a bit.

i tried getting them to settle down by watching TV in bed with them (genius idea. i really just wanted to watch the weigh in on the biggest loser). so, while maggie is flailing about the bed, and nina and i are watching TV, i notice that while trimming her fingernails the other day, i did her left hand but forgot to do her right.

so i say to her, "oh, i forgot to trim the fingernails on your right hand. oops!" and nina scrunches up her beautiful little face and says, "lets deal with that tomorrow."


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