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Sunday, April 19, 2009

we're back!

back in NY. sorry i have not written in the blog in forever, it was so busy in maine. on top of all the fun, nina got sick, and then maggie and i got sick. we're still feeling under the weather (i have a tummy ache and nausea that comes and goes, and i think maggie does too because she's nursing but not really eating anything).

but we got back today, the trip home went really smoothly. which was great. nina and maggie can really entertain each other, and i was sitting in the back part of the way with them to help keep maggie happy. she can really throw a tantrum if she decides she wants out of the car immediately, and i didn't want that to happen.

now i have to go to bed, because the combination of the travel, this bug, maggie having this bug and waking up a lot at night, and nina having this bug before that and waking up to cough and throw up at night, has been exhausting. i almost passed out at costco today i was so tired. then i managed to perk up a bit back in the car, to my surprise. sometimes places like costco, with all the people, products, and lighting, make me dizzy and out of it feeling anyway. so that must have been part of the problem.

well, like i said, nothing interesting today! i promise i will write about the adorable things the kids did over the vacation starting tomorrow.

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