about a dream: our weekend in virginia

Monday, November 24, 2008

our weekend in virginia

Here are the 5 members of the kelly family. this photo was taken right after lyla was baptised, a rather hasty affair as the priest didn't know about it and was on his way out the door for a funeral. at least he hadn't left yet! i don't know what happened, but he said the secretary told him there were no baptisms today, so there must have been some miscommunication. all's well that ends well though, and with 5 kids aged 3 and under, short was good.

so, here's a quick recap: we left on thursday at 7 pm and the girls promptly fell asleep. before we even left queens. the plan worked! unfortunately, we arrived at midnight and the girls woke up. we were all up for about an hour, then it took another half hour to settle everyone to sleep. waking up at 6 friday morning made for a tired mommy. tired mommy started to feel sick on friday--first just a few sneezes, then the itchy nose, throat, and eyes. i told myself i was probably allergic to the dog or cat, but by friday night i knew it was a cold. oh well. maggie got it too but we seem to be recovering quickly.

the girls played all day on friday and had a great time. saturday was the christening (10:30 to 10:45), then we took some pictures and went home for lunch. party lasted until we put the girls to bed.

sunday we had breakfast with the kellys and then drove into DC to see leigh and jim. the plan was to take the girls to the museum of natural history, but maggie and i were not up for it so we just had lunch at their place. still, we got to drive by the washington monument and the white house ("look!" we said to nina,"that's where the president lives!" "mitt romney?" she said. "no!" i said. "barack obama is the new president" i'm not making this up! she's really a mitt supporter i guess. "a rock obama?was her reply. "maybe mitt romney will be elected next time," i told her. i didn't add that he's a mormon and grandma give him no chance of getting elected. because who knows, right? if we can elect a black man, maybe we can elect a mormon.)

we left leigh and jim's at about 2 and the girls were out like lights before 2:30. maggie slept until 5:30 when we stopped for dinner. it was miraculous. nina slept for almost 2 hours and then occupied herself. we got back on the road at 6:30, maybe 6:45 and were home at 8 on the nose.

so, we had a great time! i can't believe we're heading out to stoughton tomorrow, hopefully maggie and i are much better by then. i was sick last thanksgiving and really want to enjoy this one.

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