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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

christmas list!

it's almost that time of year! i thought i'd put nina's christmas wish list up here instead of emailing it out.

first, the girls measurements:

height: 40 in/102 cm
weight: 32 lbs/14.5 kg
chest: 20 in/50 cm
waist: 19 in/48 cm
hips: 19.5 in/49 cm
shoe size: 10 or 10.5, but her feet grow rapidly

height: 28 in/71 cm
weight: 19 lbs/8.5 kg
chest: 18 in/45 cm
shoe size: her foot is 4.25 in/12 cm, i don't know what size this corresponds to

now the fun stuff!

we went to toys r us to pick out toys for sarah davidson's girls. i wrote down all of the things that nina ran to and asked for. here they are:
tinkerbell doll (barbie-ish kind)
baby doll (but we really have enough of these!)
cash register that makes noise
little chair (plush)
foam sticker letters (there was a whole section of foam sticker craft stuff that nina liked. she likes anything crafty--stamps, stickers, glue, glitter, paint, paper... everything)
new playdough
wagon (big enough to pull kids. i don't know about this... it's big and i'm not sure how often i envision myself pulling them up the road there in maine or around the streets of NY)
animal figurines. she loved the bottle of bugs/animals that ethan has in KC.

here are some other things she could use:
rain boots (i'm thinking a big size, like 11 or 11.5, because i could put on heavy socks and use them as winter boots, and then in the spring as rain boots)
her own luggage (with a handle to pull and wheels!!)

she is pretty set with clothes. she will be needing some 5T pants soon, but i don't think they'll fit until spring or even summer, so we might not end up using them until fall. so i'm thinking of waiting on pants until the next big growth spurt.

mom is checking the clothing stash we have in maine to see what might fit maggie. right now she's in size 12-18 months. she's set for the winter with the exception of baby winter boots. what i'd really like are warm, fuzzy boots that don't have hard soles (because those are impossible to get on little babies). maybe i'll just put nina's old boots on her, i'm not sure... but if you see anything like this for cheap, i'd like it. i think she'd be a size small.
she likes toys with flashing lights that make noise. nina didn't, so we actually don't have too many of these.
other than that, maggie has everything she needs.

i'll update if there's anything else i can think of. last christmas was kind of crazy, so mom one gift is enough!!

ok, more when i think of it! oh, nick and i are doing great, except nick wants new pj pants (vanessa and micah, he's counting on you!), and i want an electric pencil sharpener (mom) and a meat thermometer (oma!) and really that's all!!!!


Leigh said...

I want rain boots too!

Did you know you can make your own playdough? Fun *and* educational. I'll find Matt's recipe and send it to you (he did a test on various versions and rated them).

nick and des said...

Ah, Desiree has made her own playdough for Nina before. Very messy, but fun.

nick and des said...

Might I add that we really, really don't need more playdough or baby dolls! We really really don't.

nick and des said...

nick! i told her that she could make a christmas list. what am i going to do, censor it?

and the playdough gets dried out and stiff. adding water to it is a pain.

Oma said...

Sorry I didn't get you the meat thermometer when I was there in October, Des ... I looked for one in all the stores in your neighborhood but didn't see any ... no sense in looking here because they just don't use them .. I must admit, I haven't looked recently, but I never came across one before ... I had one from the States many many years ago but never used it, and I'm sure I don't have it anymore ... anyway, if you can wait until the next time I'm in the U.S. (like June 2009 probably), then I'll get you one then, otherwise, just add it to your general Christmas list and it's up for grabs! Sorry again ... I'll get you something else for Christmas!

Oma said...

STOP THE PRESS! I just found my meat thermometer!!! Didn't chuck it after all ... (when I was writing the last entry, a little voice kept telling me to go out to the kitchen and check first, but I paid it no heed ...) so it's yours if you still want it ... can it wait until you come in April? (I don't trust the mails .. either U.S. or Austrian ... these days anymore, but if you really really want it for Christmas, I'll send it to you.)

Oma said...

What a terrible mother-in-law! An old meat thermometer for Christmas indeed! I'm going to send it off to you by mail next week, and if it gets there, fine, if not, no huge loss .. but it's not a Christmas present, ok?

nick and des said...

haha! really, it's a good gift! thanks!!!!!!!