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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

questions, questions, questions...

the connie stevens episode of the muppet show (which is, incidentally, episode 2, season 1) has been freezing on lydia lately. since lydia comes before the connie stevens spot, we haven't been able to watch "teenager in love" without a great deal of trouble. thankfully, it's on youtube. we were so grateful to have found it again that we watched it a few hundred times in the past few days. (we would be me, nina, and maggie, who doesn't like to miss a thing).

in case you don't know the lyrics by heart, it starts like this:

each time we have a quarrel
it almost breaks my heart
'cause i am so afraid
that we will have to part.

each night i ask the stars up above
why must i be a teenager in love?

looks simple enough to you and me, right? well, there is a world of new ideas in there for a three-year-old. here are some of the questions i've fielded today:

why is she afraid?
why is she in love?
she's not really afraid though is she?
what's a boyfriend?
why does she have a boyfriend?
but her heart doesn't really break right?
why is she afraid they will break apart?
what does break apart mean?
why does she have a quarrel?

man!! i don't know why she has a boyfriend! don't go getting any ideas my friend, i know you have at least 2 little boyfriends at preschool already!!

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