about a dream: maggie is amost a PT grad!

Friday, November 7, 2008

maggie is amost a PT grad!

maggie has been doing fantastically during physical therapy. her neck muscles are almost even, and she only tilts her head when she's tired. so, we get to wait 8 weeks before the next PT session. hooray maggie!

we're going to work on strengthening both sides of her body during the 8 weeks, and will continue daily stretching at home, but she doesn't have to meet with the therapist, which is great for me because it's a hassle to drive to the hospital for PT once a week.

in helmet news, we'll be meeting with her pediatrician on monday, so i'll update then. i did see online that fullness in one cheek is also a sign of facial asymmetry, and she has that, so i'm feeling more certain that we will do a helmet. but, we'll see what the specialists say.


Vanessa said...

After spending time with Maggie, I really don't think she needs the helmet Des- she is so cute. MAYBE she has some VERY SLIGHT assymetry, but I think it is a rare person who could be called "perfect." You said even Khan said that without the helmet there will still be further improvement as she grows. If you weren't living in NY, the doctors wouldn't be making a big deal of this. Maybe it is not just NY, but seriously the doctors have a lot to gain ($) by having a patient go from specialist to specialist, then all the follow-up visits... She is fine!!

nick and des said...

we'll see. i want to see what the specialists have to say. it's not a matter of her being perfect, you know? it's just that i don't want her to be more asymmetrical than most people when she doesn't have to be that way. remember, most people don't have torticollis, which is what caused this degree of plagiocephaly.