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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

back home from kansas city

sorry for not updating while we were gone oma!

we had a fantastic time in kansas city. maggie did wonderfully on the plane, as did nina. we left early saturday morning and arrived around 10 am. we spent saturday hanging out with vanessa, micah, ethan, and mom and dad, and on sunday went to the science museum and lunch at the big train station. monday mom and dad left and we went shopping (i tried to find jeans, to no avail. but i did order some online today from old navy for only $20. the $20 jeans streak continues! featured in glamour magazine too!)

then flew home tuesday and had another easy flight.

today was my parent/teacher conference at nina's preschool. mrs. rickert, one of her teachers, had nothing but positive things to say. nina plays well, listens well, knows everything they try to teach the first year (colors, reading and spelling her name, etc) and apparently has never once given them even so much as a devilish look. she's still a little shy there, though, so maybe they'll see the dark side when she finishes coming out of her shell. next parent/teacher conferences are in march, so we'll see...

on the maggie front, we made an appointment to see her pediatrician on monday. dr. russo will evaluate the head shape and refer us on the the specialists at presbyterian if she thinks a helmet is a possibility. apparently they have a whole department of cranial-facial specialists that deal with this kind of thing.

maggie is continuing to say mama at me, so i think this might qualify as her first word. well, i guess second, she was saying hello. and one morning it sounded like she said "good morning" to us, but that only happened once... still, i'll take third, i was like, nina's 10th word. as long as i beat out nick this time, i'm happy. :-P

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