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Tuesday, December 2, 2008


well, it's been a busy few weeks but we are finally back in NY.

we had a fantastic thanksgiving in stoughton! we drove up on tuesday night--left at about 6:30 and the girls were asleep by 7:00. i think we arrived 10:45-ish.

wednesday we hung out at the house, picked up the turkey and some thanksgiving odds and ends, and waited for family to start arriving. mom and dad arrived at about 4, just before isabelle got home from work. jenny and uncle vito arrived around 5:30 and we all had dinner together when erik got in at 6:30.

thursday we spent cooking and eating! gina, angelo, and the girls were there, along with aunt maria, uncle lee, grandma, jessica, and her boyfriend nick. it was crowded but fun. it was fun eating thanksgiving in the 1769 farmhouse. isabelle even lit the candle chandelier. next year i want to have everyone in costume. :-)

friday we had grandma's birthday party at vinny t's, also wonderful. afterwards it was back to erik and isabelle's for some wii.

saturday we visited our friends paul and sarah and their new baby connor. this is all i have to say about saturday.

sunday we came home. lots of traffic but the girls did wonderfully!

and that's the weekend.

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