about a dream: maggie has a new word

Saturday, December 13, 2008

maggie has a new word

nina and i are starting to feel a bit better (finally). so tonight, nina, maggie, and i were in bed watching america's funniest home vidoes while nick finished some online christmas shopping. i figured maggie had to be sleepy since it was about an hour past her usual bedtime, so nick and nina went to the living room to finish watching AFV. as soon as they left, maggie sat up and tried to crawl off the bed (she can almost crawl--she gets onto all fours and then eventually plops onto her stomach), saying "nan nan nan." i tried to get her to nurse and lie down, but she kept getting up and kept saying nan nan nan nan. i thought, "is she trying to say nina?" so i carried her out to the living room. when she saw nina her face lit up and she said "NAN NAN NAN!"

so cute! but i'm not sure how i'm going to get her to bed tonight...

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