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Friday, December 26, 2008

oh the christmas joy!

we had a wonderful christmas. the girls loved their presents; nina especially loves her suitcase (it had to be next to her bed last night and came down the stairs with her this morning) and her cash register. maggie loves her pooh toy and her leap frog musical table (if the batteries would last more than 15 minutes). both girls still love this snow, even though most of it melted yesterday and our snowman is a pathetic lump with a stick in his head.

after presents we went to aunt maria's for christmas dinner and in the evening, everyone came back to our place for some wii. all in all a great day.

we haven't downloaded the christmas photos yet oma, so i put up another one of nina in the snow. she had such a blast.

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Oma said...

Thank you for the update ... too bad about the snowman ... he was great!