about a dream: Well, it ended up being about 14 inches...

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Well, it ended up being about 14 inches...

Yay. So much fun. Can you read my lack of excitement in the lack of exclamation points?

Not excited.

We had a 2 hour delay this morning, which we needed, because this was waiting for me when the sun came up:

Hello car. Hello driveway not plowed out. I see you there!

So the girls at least got to play in the fluff. I brought out a ladder and they jumped into those banks you can just barely see in the foreground abouve. You can almost make out the path that cuts through the banks. The snow is about 4 feet deep on either side of that path, but we only (only) have about 3 feet on the ground everywhere else. There's some drifting/banking going on on either side of the path.

Forget the car, you can barely see the house! "There it is girls," I say when we get home from school. "Walk toward that strip of green between all the white!" Ok not really.

There are flower boxes under those windows next to the door, remember those? Seeds gently slumbering, waiting for the warm sun to wake them? Yeah, in May or June. This stuff's not going anywhere for a loooong time.

But the girls had fun. We even found their slide!

There you are slide!

At least we finally got back to school today. We've all gotten so stir-crazy, even the high-schoolers were happy to be back. I'm not even kidding!

We were also treated to a lovely sunset today:

It's hard to photograph a sunset, but it was all pink and purple. So nice. And yes, that is facing southeast. In the winter, even the eastern sky gets beautiful at sunset. So there are some nice things about living in Maine in February. Sunsets and no ticks.

Off to bed now, wake me up in June!

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