about a dream: Cousins! (And snow!)

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Cousins! (And snow!)

The girls and I quickly jaunted down to Newburyport on Friday morning to get some much-needed Joey time. It was wonderful!!

Here they are on the couch in the morning. The girls were a little hesitant to get too close, because Joey's entered that teething and drooling stage of little boyhood, and they're very nervous about that stage. But there was less drool early in the morning, so the closeness returned. 

He's getting bigger and bigger every day! We got to see his first ever fully independent pull to a stand on Friday too. Go Joey!

The girls spent a lot of time outside with the neighbor girls, jumping off Aunt and Unk's shed and into a snowbank, over and over and over. Fun times!

Then we saw SpongeBob the Movie at Chunky's, the place where you sit in old car chairs and get dinner with your movie. It was... um... not bad for an hour and a half of SpongeBob. The girls loved it anyway!

Then we raced back home in time for Courtney's party for her mom's 5-year cancer survivor anniversary. Great party! After that we were pooped. Of course it snowed overnight, but just a couple of inches, no big. Supposed to be warm today, we might even (dare I hope!) hit 40 degrees today! It's 28 right now at 8 am, so it seems possible! Please, gods of spring, give us some hope!!

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