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Thursday, February 19, 2015

More snow!

Wow this is just so beyond exciting! Not!

Today I tried jumping to my death from the trampoline. I'm here, it failed, but at least it was fun. This was after I shoveled that fresh 6 inches of snow from it that fell last night. Then I shoveled the decks. Wait first I raked the roof, then I shoveled. I was feeling so good I went and shoveled mom and dad's lower deck. "I'll just use the shovel to push it off the deck," I said to myself. "This will be easy!" Then I noticed that the snow is as high as the deck, so pushing it "off" wasn't going to work. I shoveled for a while, feeling the burn, thinking about how toned my arm(s) will look when (if) the weather gets warm enough for a sleeveless top. Wow the snow at the bottom of a 4 foot pile is packed and heavy! The dogs enjoy standing on my shovel, so eventually I gave up cursing and shoveling snow on them, cleared off the BBQ, table, and Adirondack chairs, and went home.

Home, where I cleared off the car, after I cleared the boat that is.

Then I went to check on Fred and Nancy's house. "That's a lot of snow on their deck," I said to myself. "I'll just push it off with my shovel." (Clearly I'm losing my mind at this point). I shoveled for a while. It's all fluffy at the top, but heavier and heavier with each shovel full. Oh well, I don't work out, this is good for me. I quit after a bit of that too, but if they need a nice corner of the deck to stick two chairs on, by golly they've got it!

I'm done shoveling for the day now. I tell you though, raking the roof is harder than any shoveling. Give me an hour of shoveling over 15 minutes of raking any day.

Of course there's more snow and cold in the forecast. Of course there is. I got a kick out of a headline I saw on the channel 6 website this morning--apparently there's a snow dump pile near the Portland jetport, and they have to stop using it because if it gets any higher, it'll violate FAA regulations.


It's almost March though. It WILL get better! Not in the 10 day forecast, that's filled with storms and cold. But it has to, eventually....

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