about a dream: Kill me. Kill me now (snow, of course)

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Kill me. Kill me now (snow, of course)

Well, the good news is we got a 2 hour delay. That's why I'm chillin in my bathrobe, posting here on a Wednesday at 8 am. The bad news is:

6 inches of fresh white stuff, blanketing the 3 feet of old white stuff. That swing you see is one that Nina had put really high up. See how it's almost as high as the trapeze bar? See how the snow is as high as the trampoline? I had just cleaned the roof off of the playhouse over vacation, silly me.

Here's the patio table. I've cleared it and the chairs off numerous times, which is why it's not totally buried. But there's no more "clearing off" when the snow is higher than the table and chairs. I quit.

I have a car. It's red. Have you seen it? I guess I should be dealing with that instead of blogging. Well, I'll be quick, but I still have a few minutes before I need to get out there.

But look at this happiness! Girls and dogs, cuddling. Moments after this Moxie threw up on Nina, so I got to do floors and a load of laundry. Woot. Good thing it's a snow day!

Now off to clear off that car!

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