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Monday, February 16, 2015

Today's little project

And by "little," I mean 5-hour.

It started like this, the girls' computer and play area at the top of the stairs:

The last time anyone  moved the table and desk around  was when the girls were playing school about a year ago. Nina did add that lovely little lamp you can see on the corner of her desk, but pretty much it's been neglected (but oft used) since then.

Here's a look at the opposite wall. I took this picture after I moved the black steel filing cabinet in the very corner.

What a sad-looking bookcase! Would you want to read a book from that book case? No one had, not in ages. It needed a pick-me-up too.

I'm not just a rearranger, of course. I like to sort, organize, and wipe down each and every book, so it took a long time. But I put some of the girls art into storage, pulled some things aside for Joey, and got a whole bag of clothes for my co-worker Emily. The cleaning and sorting were the real bulk of the work.

But now, behold!

Nina's big desk, a smaller desk for Maggie (tablecloth because it just doesn't match, but I'll probably paint it this summer), then Kit and Marisol's bed. You also can't tell that there's a little throw rug on the ground, but there is.

Here's the wall on the left:

Anna, Elsa, and a bunch of adorable drawings Nina had done. Opposite that and next to the bathroom door is an angry birds poster, to set the gaming atmosphere. (The girls play a lot of minecraft up there).

Finally, I moved the book case to the family room for toy storage:

So necessary in there!

All of this was made possible by an extraordinarily long play date for the girls at their friends Grace and Rose's house. What a productive vacation so far!

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