about a dream: Oh joy of joys!

Monday, February 16, 2015

Oh joy of joys!

It missed us! Boston got hammered with about 18 inches (and it all fell overnight), and we got just a couple, maybe 4 or 5 total. Hooray! Of course, it was freezing and blowing and the path to mom and dad's mostly filled in so there's still shoveling, but I don't care. No plowing, no 2 feet to shovel off the decks and trampoline!

It's cold today, but 6 already at 9 am, so not really any colder than we've been having. The water in the back might freeze for the first time that I can remember, take a look:

Very large ice floes, and they're even bigger down in mom and dad's direction. You know those can't fit through Oven's Mouth, so they're just gonna sit there getting bigger and bigger until it gets warmer or they cover the whole surface. We'll see!

Today the girls will go play at their friends' Grace and Rose's house. What to do with a few hours to myself?? Yesterday we baked a lemon meringue pie (excellent as always) with a homemade crust (we're hooked, never a store bought crust shall pass through my oven again). So no baking. We'll see!