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Friday, April 12, 2013

Vacation week begins!

Finally! The girls had to endure a whole week and a half of school back here in Maine! Thank goodness we've finally made it to vacation!

Kidding! Actually they've done a really great job with school. Maggie is still loving it, and Nina has accepted that no one out of pre-K or Kindergarten actually loves it, so she goes without complaining. Or, she has for the last few days. Maggie and I had lunch with her on Wednesday, and she told me that she wanted to go home with me after lunch. I immediately polled the kids at the table. "Who here would like to go home right now?" I asked. All hands in the air. "Who didn't want to come to school this morning?" All hands in the air. Then I was inundated by 8 stories of how they whine in the morning, how they tell their mothers that they don't feel well (even though they feel fine! I should have gotten the confession on tape!) but the moms send them anyway. It was so funny. Plus the kids loved it, so I had to ask a bunch more questions. In summary, Nina and all her classmates wish every day was the first day of summer vacation. But, knowing that everyone feels the same way has been helpful. Now if Nina starts moaning about school, I remind her about her classmates and tell her the people who really have it rough are the moms, listening to all this whining. Ha! She's stuck now!!

Well, the best thing about the break really is that she gets to go to Plum Island this weekend! She's there right now! I can't believe it... I've never been away from her for a whole weekend before! I miss her!! (Maggie says she doesn't, but I think she does. She keeps asking me to play ponies with her, but I'm just not as good at it as Nina.)

Come back tomorrow Nina! One day is enough!!


Oma said...

Brilliant strategy, Des, polling all the kids at lunch!

des said...

Thanks Anne, I'm just glad it worked out in my favor! Imagine if it had gone the other way... :-)