about a dream: I have my Nina back!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

I have my Nina back!

She had a fantastic time, thank you Erik, Isabelle, Mom, Dad, and Chester! According to Nina, she went to the beach, ate chips, and watched TV all weekend. A four-star vacation!!

Maggie and I missed her terribly, but she was having too much fun to miss us very much. Well, we're back together and happy now, though planning another trip down already (next time with all four of us though).

Things are coming together here on the home front. I need to pick up some kind of basket or shelving system for the closet in the family room to organize the toys and stuffed animals, and I'm still going through the linens and clothes we stored for the year, but slowly it's all getting done. The last big hurdle is to figure out the source of that evil smell... I'm afraid it's coming from under the dishwasher. A few years of leaking can certainly cause a funk to develop. Good thing I watched that video and am now a dishwasher repair expert. All I need is the muscle to pull the dishwasher out!

Wish me luck...

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Oma said...

... and soon you'll have your Niki back!