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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Family game night last night

What a fun day we had yesterday. We started with lunch at China by the Sea, and then the sun came out and the girls rode their ATV until the battery ran out. After that it was a dip in the hot tub, some leftover Chinese food and The Simpsons, and then family game night at our place with grandma and grandpa!

The fun kicked off badly with a round of Candy Land. Maggie drew the gingerbread tree, which takes you back nearly to start, three times. Three times! There were five of us playing and Maggie got that awful card three times. What are the odds of that! Unfortunately, Maggie didn't see the humor in the situation and wailed each time. Then Nina would start crying, upset that Maggie was getting away with cheating. It was a disaster. Fortunately, grandpa did a little behind-the-scenes card manipulation that assured Nina got her rightful victory, so justice was somewhat restored.

Next up was chutes and ladders. Hilarity. This time I just moved Maggie's pieces down the chutes (and she seemed to hit every one of them) without saying anything and she didn't seem to notice. For once in our lives, dad and I were actually in the lead in this game. Must have been a full moon or something. I ended up winning, which again reduced Maggie to tears. That hot tub sure is draining!

Finally, we wound it all up with a humiliating game of Dora the Explorer Memory. It went like it always does: Nina destroyed us. She had more matches than me, mom, dad, and Maggie combined (though Maggie sat out more than half the game. She would have come in second if she had played the whole thing.) Nina is really incredible at memory. And she still mocks those of us who are less talented at it than she, which adds so much to the humiliation of the experience. I tell you though, Maggie is good too. Once she gets beyond thinking it's funny to turn over the same card every time and actually starts playing to win, she's going to be a force. And if Nina ever actually focuses on the game, forget it. Well at least they have each other to play with.

I was tuckered out after the merriment last night and went straight to bed, that's why you're getting this update on this rainy Saturday morning.

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