about a dream: Cheer it Gangnam style!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Cheer it Gangnam style!

Last night was the Miss Shrimp pageant. One of my favorite events of the year! The girls were super excited to be there and Maggie brought out her best cheerleading for the contestants.

So, they come out onto stage for the first time, looking all adorable in their evening wear (remember these are little girls aged 9 to 12), and Maggie shouts,


Gah! Embarrassing! Everyone around us (which was mostly Jay Campbell and his mom) busted up laughing. I told Maggie that "sexy" isn't really appropriate at the Miss Shrimp pageant, so she changed her cheer to "lovely ladies," and that solved the problem. Whew!

Well, the rest of the festival should be interesting, if we ever get there...

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