about a dream: Nina made a library

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Nina made a library

Check this out!

See how the book categories are labelled? (You can click on that photo to enlarge it) She's got "goob books" (that's supposed to be "good books"), "goosebumps," "flap books," and "gro nup books," among others.

This shows the whole set-up. The table on the right there is where you go to check out your book and Nina "ink drops it." Adorable. They were playing library for an hour the other night.

Sorry for not much blogging lately, I've been falling asleep every night at 8:00 with the girls and sleeping until 6 am. It's been lovely! I have quite a few years of sleep deprivation to recover from, hopefully I'll be able to stay up later soon but I'm not going to push myself. Still, I intend to be better about blogging during the day and return shortly to my previous every-other-day average frequency.

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