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Sunday, January 27, 2013

We're all a little sick...

Well not all, just me and Nina. So that's why no blogging lately, I've been pooped at night and going to bed early-ish.

But it's nothing serious, just some sniffles and a scratchy throat. It might be the same thing Maggie had last weekend. Or was that the weekend before? Confusion. Confusion is another symptom.

So we've just been lazing around the house for the past three days. On Friday we did family movie night and last night was family game night. Lots of Uno. Today we're getting some takeout for lunch with Anne and Fritz and then we'll watch you tube videos. Yup, it's a lazy weekend alright.

Here's Nina's favorite video: an end of the world scenario. Spoiler alert: it involves the dinosaurs!

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