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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

6 months!

I just realized today that we passed the 6 month mark two days ago! What a milestone!

The girls went back to school yesterday and both had a great time. No tears from either, and Nick reports that when he picked Nina up, she was chatting happily in German with her friends. I'm so proud of her!

Unfortunately, she didn't feel well this morning. I pushed her out the door anyway, but Nick said she started crying on her way into the school saying her throat hurt, so he gave up and took her home. They always send her home if she says she's sick, and they would have marched her right back out anyway. She spent the rest of the morning in bed and I gave her some tylenol and now she's fine. I should have given her tylenol first thing in the morning, but I didn't believe her about the sore throat.

And poor me, my neck/right shoulder hurts! It started with my neck on Sunday morning, and now the pain's moving down my shoulder, arm, and even my back near the shoulder blade. It's not too serious, tylenol or aleve have been enough to keep it under control, but if I don't take something regularly it really hurts. I'm not even sure what happened, there was no injury, but maybe it's just a stress/overuse thing. Maybe I pinched something hiking up to the ruins on Saturday... who knows. My personal trainer warned me that this was going to happen if I didn't keep up my weight lifting routine, and wouldn't you know. I'll definitely get back to that as soon as we're back in Maine.

Oh well though, it's an excuse to rest and send Nick to the grocery store today. Pulling that grocery cart home will certainly make it worse.

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