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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Well THAT was a dismal failure...

Usually, I pick Maggie up from school on my way to picking Nina up from school. But today, I felt like I was fighting a little cold off, and asked Nick to do the pick-up. Maggie has never been open to the idea that Papa could pick her up (excuse me, he's Niki these days). But, I figured she wouldn't say no, right?


He called me from the preschool (I was already asleep, of course) and asked if I could come get her. He had the car, too, so I had to walk. So I did, I got to the school within 10 minutes, and Maggie's teacher was trying to calm her down with a book. Poor little Maggie took quite a while to calm down. I was thinking on the way over to the school that they're going to think Nick is abusive or something with the way she flipped out, but fortunately, they know Maggie well enough to know that this is a common reaction when things don't go her way. So, at least there's that.

Nina of course doesn't care who picks her up, so that part went fine. So much for me getting a rest though!

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