about a dream: Snow!

Thursday, January 17, 2013


Finally we got some snow!! It blew around some, but I'd say we got a good 14 inches--excuse me, 35 cm. Nice and fluffy. No so good for snowballs and snowmen, though we did manage to make a little guy, but great for general horsing around.

Nina's class ice skating trip was cancelled and will take place some time next week, so no worries about her going tomorrow after swimming. I couldn't imagine that the Austrians, with their deathly fear of drafts, would possibly allow for the children to go ice skating with wet hair. ("Es zieht!" they say, which means "A draft! We're all gonna die!")


Vanessa said...

That is quite a bit of snow!
Ha ha about the drafts- Germans are like that too. But probably reasonably so, left over from many years ago. It has been shown that being in the cold does make you more susceptible to coming down with something.
I think the scarf thing is related. When we were in Tubingen we all got into it and left our scarfs on in the lecture halls even though the coats were off.

des said...

I wear the scarf Nina got me for my birthday every day! I have gotten into it too, I like the way it dresses up anything I wear.