about a dream: Rock climbing!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Rock climbing!

Today we took the girls to an indoor rock climbing place. Wow, there is nothing on this Earth that is more perfect for Nina than that place.
Nick's friend Philip works there (that's Stefan's younger brother), and he let us in for free, talk about the icing on the cake!

It's not very big--there are just three rooms, but one is really tall and is for climbing with a harness, so we didn't do that. We stuck to the two rooms with a max height of about 10 feet, covered with those fake rock wall hand holds that these kinds of places have, and with a foot and a half thick mat covering the floor.

Nina was a little monkey. She did a fantastic job. Even Maggie did a great job! Nick climbed too, but I was afraid of re-injuring my shoulder, so I sat this one out.
When the girls weren't climbing, they were jumping on the mats, racing back and forth, and generally having a blast. What a perfect way to spend a cold Sunday!

I forgot the camera but Philip took some pictures for us. If I get them, I'll put them up. Otherwise I'll make sure the bring it the next time we go. Or else Maggie might be very angry!