about a dream: Nina's letter to Uncle Erik

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Nina's letter to Uncle Erik

dear unk-

when I come to plum Island, I am going to bring my barbies
can you find a safe spot for my barbies so Chester does not
destroy them? I would like to stay a week? I need a break from Maggie.
She drives me crazy.
She says nyah nyah nyah.
Sometimes when I don't want to make my toys say what she wants them to say
she freaks out.
Sometimes she calls me evil.
One time she ruined a game of UNO.
She ignores me when it's important and says "ignoring you."
She sometimes wakes me up. When I counted back from 100 and am at 1 she wakes me up.
She sometimes copies me and does not stop.
Sometimes she mocks me. (Saying what the other person says in a nasty voice.)
One time she made me spill my cereal by snatching away something which was already
on the ground and I was eating cereal. And she grabbed it from me and made my other
hand spill my cereal.
And that's it.
And I need a break from her.

Your desperate niece,

plus she puts her naked butt right in my face and says "look at my poopy butt."--but that is kind of funny.
First she sometimes says hurtful stuff like "I don't like your present you got me because the lego girls necklace is not coming off."


Oma said...

Nina, does this mean Maggie is not allowed to go to Plum Island at the same time as you?

Erik said...

No, Nina made it clear, she wants to visit by herself