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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The girls and I have a new bonding ritual

We go to Yahoo!'s omg! (pronounced ohmmguh, not oh-em-gee. Not in this house!) and look at the "what were they thinking" photo galleries. It's like a celebrity worst-dressed photo gallery. Well, not like a celebrity worst-dressed photo gallery. That's exactly what it is.

Looking through the pictures with the girls is hysterical. Maggie squeals things like "Oh no she haven't. Oh no she have not!" and Nina yells, "scroll down so we can see her shoes!" Both chorus "Oh em gee!" "What was she thinking," and (my personal favorite) "Cover your eyes! Cover your eyes!"

I'm also happy to report that I'm teaching them both to be horrified by ugly celebrity legs and knees. Because if you pay attention to celebrity legs, you'll notice that pretty much every one of them has a horrific pair of gams. I'm thinking it's from being way too thin. But, ugh, they need to cover those bad boys up.

It's hysterical though. It's becoming my favorite way to veg out on the couch with them.

Hm, what else is new? I'm making some friends! There's a group of parents who go to that playground next to Maggie's school pretty much every night, and since we've been going there pretty much every night, I'm getting to know them. One of them is Maggie's hater's mom and dad, another is the mother of a different classmate of Maggie's (not one of her haters), and the third set has 4 kids, none of whom go to Maggie or Nina's schools. Interestingly, I noticed for the first time today that they have identical triplet girls. Crazy! You'd think I'd have noticed that sooner, and I did find it confusing playing tag with them, but I just kind of assumed that they were close-in-age sisters who looked a lot alike. When I saw them come into the playground though, I realized what was going on. Yeah, I'm not the swiftest. :-)

None of them are native Austrians, they're all from the former Yugoslavia. I don't know which part, and I don't want to guess. That's generally a bad idea, because you know, you don't want to mistake a Serb for a Croat, you know what I mean? Lovely people though. A few of them speak English as well as I speak German, but since German isn't a first language for any of them either, I feel much less nervous about trying to speak it. So, that's been fun.

Oh, so we were playing tag yesterday at the playground, and Maggie said that all of the play structures were base. Except she pronounced it "play structions." So cute!

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Vanessa said...

I love those things. I used to look at one a lot on MSN- the commentary along with the pictures was hilarious.